Gibraltar Fact-Sheet Geographic coordinates: 36 11 N, 5 22 W Area: just 6.5 Km2; it is so small that you could never get lost there: just keep moving and you will be brought back to the place previous to that where you got lost! Population: 34.408 (2016) Gross National Income (or GDP): GNI per capita US$ 92,843 (2016) Official language: English, but as happens in many frontier towns most of the population is bilingual (English+Spanish). Mail: H.M.Royal Mail Internet: own ‘.gi’ domains and strong communications infrastructure. Websites hosting, maintenance & design: Currency: the Gibraltar Pound Sterling  and British Pound Sterling are officially accepted (Government Departments & Royal Mail) but in practice the Euro and most other major currencies are also welcomed in commerce. Banking: UK's model, also subject to local legislative and regulatory provisions + International Banking Law + E.U. Directives. Off-shore banking for non-residents: Yes. OECD:  White List  (12 December 2003;  24 October 2014) World Trade Centre:  Yes! Gibraltar got this uncommon privilege. Exchange: non-bureocratic (usually non-comission for bank notes) and very straightforward trade. Plenty of bureaus & banks around town. Credit Cards & Travellers Cheques: no problem, it is a very usual practice in the local trade. Legal system: English Law and Statutes. Road Traffic: unlike in the U.K. driving in Gibraltar is on the right-hand side of the road and the traffic regulations comply with those of the continental EU. Duty-Free shopping for visitors: Yes. Territorial Status: Gibraltar has been a British Territory since 1713.   Political Status: Gibraltar is a GB-dependent member of the E.U., therefore it takes no part in the Shengen Agreement nor in the Euro-currency Zone. At the same time it has its own House of Assembly. Climatic conditions: on average, as much as three hundred sunny days per year Health: no specific vaccinations are required Meteorological Local Station:  LXGB Gibraltar’s Government Official Website: C.I.A World Factbook (about Gibraltar): world-factbook/geos/gi.html
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